• Will you accept my health insurance? Dutchess Psychology Practice accepts most insurance plans. This means that you will probably only have to pay a co-payment.
  • What will happen when I call for an appointment? We will ask for your name, address, and other information needed to schedule your first appointment. If you are covered by health insurance, we will call your insurance company and get approval for your visits. We will arrange the day and time of your first appointment. We will also answer any other questions you may have.
  • When is my payment due? Your insurance co-payment or your personal payment is due at the time of each visit.
  • What will happen when I meet with Dr. Schwarz? During your first appointment, Dr. Schwarz will be gathering as much information about you as he needs to determine how best to help you. Initially, if it is difficult for you to talk about yourself or some things that are disturbing you, Dr. Schwarz will understand this and he will help in whatever way he can. As you and Dr. Schwarz work together to understand the difficulties you are having, you will begin to have some new ideas, new feelings about yourself, and new ways to solve your problems. Dr. Schwarz will not be telling you what to do. He will help you to better understand yourself, to better understand others, to take steps that will be in your own best interest, and to achieve the goals you want for yourself.
  • Can you help if I am having problems in my marriage or in my relationship? Problems in a relationship or in marriage can always be worked on psychologically. Marriage counseling and individual psychotherapy have contributed to happy outcomes for many couples. Sometimes one member of the couple entering his or her own psychotherapy starts the process of repairing a relationship. Sometimes the couple starts counseling together. Either way can result in the successful resolution of differences and the beginning of new and better ways toward a fulfilling relationship.
  • What if we are having problems getting along as a family? Relationships within families are a vital part of our lives. Good family relationships help us feel that things are all right with the world and with ourselves. When family relationships are difficult and painful, help is often needed. Dr. Schwarz meets with families to help them work out their difficulties. Sometimes these difficulties are a crisis and sometimes they are just everyday problems that need working out. All it takes to start to work on family problems is one motivated family member. One person can get the ball rolling by coming in to talk about the family’s problems. Or, the entire family can come and we will all talk together.
  • What if I am having problems at work or with a career? Work can be the cause of considerable stress and psychological difficulty for those at every rung of the work ladder. Anyone can experience feelings of excessive anxiety, anger and depression as a result of difficult work assignments, co-worker conflict, authority conflict, and job insecurity or job loss. Feelings of inadequacy and fear of failure are other common reactions to a work situation that is stressful. Dr. Schwarz can help you use stress management strategies, assertiveness, and a positive outlook to enable you to reach your goals.