Dutchess Psychology Practice is a community psychology practice offering psychological services to adults, families, and couples.

Ken Schwarz NH psychologistKenneth Schwarz, Ph.D. is the psychologist with whom you will meet to discuss and work together on such matters as:

  • Anxiety, depression, anger, and other emotional problems
  • Difficulties with relationships, family, marriage, work, school
  • Dieting and weight loss
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Career, life goals, motivation

He will work closely with your physician, when needed, to insure careful differentiation of physical and psychological symptoms and to coordinate the use of medication with your psychological services.

Clinical psychology is the psychological specialty that provides mental health care for individuals and families. The clinical psychologist is here to help when a person is experiencing mild, moderate or serious emotional difficulties, hard to break habits, addictions, the stresses and strains of life that are overwhelming, and worries and uncertainties that are the result of physical illness. Any one of these troubles may prevent a person from having good feelings about him- or herself or about others. And these troubles may interfere with a person’s personal life, work life, relationships, and goals.

Psychotherapy and counseling are the primary resources used by clinical psychologists to remedy the situation. While these forms of intervention are commonly thought of as the “talking cure,” there is a lot more that goes on than just talk. A psychologist like Dr. Schwarz goes through education, training, and his own psychotherapy to become clinically wise and to be understanding, steady, reliable, and resourceful, among other equally important professional qualities.